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FOX News
Nov 24, 2012 11:00pm PST
question. just wondering why you are here. >> i think if this election taught us anything it is the billionaires on both sides even each other out. it is an even playing field. all of the right wing billionaires funded so much into romney. he was where obama was at with the left wingers who funded him. i'm sure the coke brothers will talk wal-mart into not hiring anybody and then out source them. and then they come together in the middle. >> i will side with the coke brothers because they are american. everyone knows it is the hang gave yen doctrine to destroy america. doing it from within. >> you took my talking point. >> i am sitting in bowling seats. >> you were grimacing. >> this is not about billionaire versus billionaire. >> it is always billionaire versus billionaire! >> he was the one encouraging the wal-mart workers to join this union and wal-mart is the largest employer and one of the biggest companies. it is important because they moved out their date to before the end of the year. you don't have to pay the taxes, and that is significant. it will save you a lot of money.
FOX News
Nov 27, 2012 12:00am PST
our use of drones? the new york times reports that prior to election day, the obama administration was developing a rule book for unmanned aircraft strikes on terrorists so that if romney won he would inherit clear guidelines. the issues are not as urgent now. obama won allegedly, but the administration is still pushing to formalize the rules and nail down exactly when deadly force is justified. they are debating whether drones should be a last resort against imminent threat to our country or something else like in pakistan where they are deployed against militants whose main grudge is with pakistani authoritiesment the president has miss givings telling one interviewer, quote, there is a remotist to it that helps us think somehow we can solve vexing security problems. for more, let's go live to qet red eye"'s correspondent chip herrington. >> i don't know how he got his security credentials. are we going too far with drones or not far enough? >> you are solving vexing security problems which is a nice why the stuff, but how do you do uj judge, jury and the such. you turn them into
FOX News
Nov 29, 2012 12:00am PST
opportunity they have had to visit since the election. obama is making good on his word on the night of his alleged victory he said he looked forward to sitting down with governor romney to talk about where we can work together to move this country forward. oh his slogan. alass, no -- uh lass, no press allowed so we won't know how awk the talk really is. speaking of lively one on one's. >> so many questions. first, what do you wear from a luncheon like this? do you wear a tie-sweater combination like me? >> i think mitt romney will go as mitt romney, the guy in the suit, not the guy pictured pumping gas in la jolla who was in a wrinkled shirt. >> he seems to be taking on a casual thing. did you see him at disney world? hair is wind blown. >> what do you do at disney world? you don't go in your suit. you go to have lunch and if we are all lucky obama will take his advice and maybe make him treasury secretary or the het of the -- or the head of the fed. moi guess is that won't -- my guess is that won't happen. they will have lunch and then mitt will go away and we won't know what was s
FOX News
Nov 22, 2012 12:00am PST
torte white house asking our newly elected president end the practice of pardoning a turkey. they prefer he killed them. actually they say it makes light of the mass slaughter of some 46 million gentle inteligent birds. the letter continues, you understand so well that african-american, women, members of the lgbt community have been poorly served throughout history, and now i ask you to consider other living beings who are ridiculed and belittled as if their nature counts for nothing. but obama didn't heed their screed and the white house encouraged people to go to their facebook page and vote for their faff -- favorite fowl. let's go to robert miller at the white house. robert? >> not sure why the president never calls on him. he is clearly a democrat. jim, he about that peta? >> if obama wanted to get rid of the turkey he would get a job at msnbc. >> oh no. >> and i disagree with peta. i like turkey as much as the next person. but i don't think they are gentle birds. have you ever broken into a house where they had a pet turkey? you go for the silverware. >> and then you stood a
FOX News
Nov 24, 2012 12:00am PST
you get from the left. >> the left's assumption was after they elect the messiah we will all come together in worship of him. a lot of companies have said if you elect him, it is not that we have beef. we can't afford to pay for this. we can't afford to pay for his medicare. we will have to lay people off. they get these boycotts. not only do you have to vote for him, but if you don't vote for him, even after the election, if you go bankrupt you are a racist. >> all right, whatever. from guns to arrows. he went on for awhile there. i zoned out. i was thinking about chicken and tear -- teriaki. does your perfect fit have to love mitt? they are matching singles paced on parton ship. it allows social issues to foreign policy and then shop for significant others accordingly. says the 27-year-old founder, quote, while it is not a make or break issue at the beginning, it can evolve into one if you hide your political values into later on in the relationship. the status quo is to avoid politics on the first date, but politics will come up and politics defines a lot about our values. neit
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)